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The 3 Main Reasons to Open a Pop-Up Store

As shopping returns to pretty close to 'normal', post COVID-19, the Pop-Up concept may be more relevant than ever. In an era of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands, this strategy deserves a closer […]

How to Sell to the Hotel Industry

Hotels are a key pillar of the $5.3 trillion global travel and tourism industry; this post looks at how the hotel industry is structured and different ways to market and sell products and […]

The Origin Story of the Enclosed Shopping Mall

Here we look at why and how that symbol of American shopping, the enclosed mall, came about, and some of the reasons it is struggling to stay relevant in the age of e-commerce.

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Be in Airports

Airports Should be Looked at as a Possible Retail Channel for Consumer Brands A post or two back (“5 Things to Know about the Airport Retail Industry”) I provided a super brief take on how to […]

Content Marketing 103

In this final deck of the 3 slideshares, we go into more detail on how content works with lead generation and making sales.  It covers how different types of content should match where your buyer […]

Content Marketing 102

Here’s our second slideshare about content marketing.  Here we go a bit deeper and look at what type of goals you might have for creating content, and also different content formats (blogs, […]