A recent Wall Street Journal article explains that as COVID-19 worries fade, delivery services like Instacart, with revenues declining from the 2020 'stay-at-home' peak, are turning to ad sales to boost revenue.

So when you visit Instacart's website you'll be served ads from various food brands seeking your attention.  Which is competing with ad dollars which could be spent directly with the grocery retailers like Kroger, that Instacart's workers are using to fill orders.   And also competing for ad dollars with Amazon and Google.

Why does this Matter?

It just shows that the number of paths to purchase; the way consumers can research and buy, are exploding.  Brands, retailers and marketers need to understand this increasingly fractured omnichannel retail environment, and where they should place their bets, to accomplish their business objectives.  

For help understanding all this and planning where and how to engage with your customer's fragmented attention; give us a shout!

masked grocery shopper